Boys Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer · Cardinals rally against Baptist Prep 5-4

The Cardinals came back to win last night against Baptist prep from a 3 goal deficit. Baptist would find the net early in the first half scoring 2 goals and one penalty kick. William Vasquez would return two goals before the half was over, still giving Baptist the lead 3-2 before the half was over.

The Cardinals scrapped with Baptist the second half with multiple goal exchanges. Vasquez would again find the net to tie the Cardinals up early in the second half and another to give the Cardinals the lead. Baptist found the net to tie things up after Tristen Abbott made an attempt to clear the ball from the penalty area that would bounce off a Baptist forward catching Justin Sturm off guard in the goal. Vasquez would again find the back of the net the last 10 minutes of the game to give the Cardinals the lead bring home a victory from the road.
All together, Vasquez scored all 5 goals for the Cardinals and Sturm racked up 16 saves for the Cardinals.